High Security Seal: Different Types for Different Purposes

If you are looking for a high security seal, then you have many options. There are four different types of seals available, including bolt, cable, double-locking and barrier seals.

The bolt seal is considered a one-time padlock for many things, including containers. These seals do not require any tools to put on, but bolt cutters will be required to remove them. However, there are also some bolt seals that have an “extra hardened bolt” that cannot be removed by bolt cutters. These seals must be removed by a special tool called a breaker bar.

There is also a bolt seal with a flexible bolt instead of a rigid bolt. There are many advantages to using a flexible bolt; once traditional bolt seals are removed, they could puncture tires; the flexible high security seal bolt will not do this. The bolt pin is also easier to remove than on a regular bolt seal, which is helpful if the receiver removes many seals every day. They also come in different colors.

Another high security seal is the cable seal. These are made from either steel or plastic and come in varying lengths. Wrap the seal cable around the cargo or through handles of containers and then stick the open end into the cable holder. Pull it tightly to thoroughly lock the cable seal in place. It can be removed with bolt cutters or sometimes scissors.

The next type of seal includes the double-locking seal. This seal includes both the cable seal and the bolt seal. The bolt seal can either be rigid or flexible. These seals must be cut twice to remove the lock; this can be helpful for very high-security items. Some double-locking seals include two cable seals, as well. There are many options available when considering a double-lock seal.

The last type of high security seal is the barrier seal. This is usually some type of bar seal made of very high-strength steel. Usually the locking mechanism for these seals is embedded into the metal bush, which makes the seal tougher and difficult to tamper with. This type of seal works well with containers and is usually placed on the central bars of the container. It has been used on shipping containers, as well as intermodal containers. It is also used a lot for many types of ground transportation.

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