Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Cape Girardeau, MO To Fight Against Negligence

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Lawyers

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Your personal injury attorney in Cape Girardeau, MO will assist you in filing claims against the individual who was at fault for your injuries. Personal injury cases consist of premises liabilities, products liabilities, auto accidents, and work-related injuries. Initially, these cases are linked to insurance claims that are filed due to fault or negligence. However, in some cases, the insurance provider may fight to avoid paying the victim. When this occurs, it is necessary to file a claim through the court.

Acts of Negligence

Negligence often leads to accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, it also produces fatalities every year. This actions consists of an immeasurable amount of possibilities such as failure to adequately repair a braking system in an automobile or failing to adhere to safety regulations when manufacturing products. When these failures lead to injuries or death, they place the individual who behaved negligently in actionable territory.

These occurrences lead to products liability and other personal injury-based lawsuits. An attorney working on behalf of the victim gathers evidence that links the failure in design, manufacturing, or repair to the accident which ultimately connects it to the injuries. With this evidence a personal injury attorney presents a solid case before a judge to fight for the victim’s right to compensation.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan fight for the rights of accident victims. They advocate their right to compensation for their injuries and provide them with solid litigation cases against those who have wronged them. These attorneys understand how difficult it is for individuals who are injured and are unable to work. If you were injured in an accident that was not your fault and need legal assistance, schedule a consultation with these attorneys today!


A personal injury attorney in Cape Girardeau, MO affords accident victims with a chance to acquire monetary damages for their injuries. An attorney in this law field will present these victims with guidance and explain to them the litigation process and how it will benefit them. They can additionally determine a proper settlement amount based on medical expenses, repair costs for vehicles, and lost wages. To discover more about personal injury law and litigation, consult your preferred personal injury lawyer or visit their website.

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