Navigating the Emotional Waters for Cremations in Woodland, CA

Experiencing the death of a loved one is, unfortunately, something that everyone is going to have to experience at least once in their life. Some of the different things that survivors have to deal with, besides their grief, is probating the will and planning the memorial and/or burial depending on the wishes of the deceased. When it comes to the type of burial and memorial service, one option that is becoming more popular is cremation. Being aware of your options and knowing what to expect for cremations in Woodland CA, may make the process a bit easier to handle.

If you have decided that cremation is the best choice for your loved one, you can still have a viewing and memorial service. The funeral service provider you have chosen for Cremations in Woodland, CA will be able to provide a beautiful casket for your loved one to rest in for the viewing service. After the service, the cremation will take place. If you or your family members would like to be present for the cremation service, this can be tactfully and respectfully arranged. If not, that is fine as well. It will be left entirely up to you. If there are any items you would like included with your loved one during the cremation process, please let the funeral director know ahead of time so those wishes can be honored. After the cremation process has taken place, the family will be given their loved one’s remains in a heavy sealed box. If you prefer, you can buy a beautiful urn in which to display your loved one’s ashes.

Sometimes the family decides they would like to inter their loved one’s ashes after cremation. If this is what your family wishes to do, then the funeral director at your chosen funeral home can help with that process also. The ashes can be interred in the ground or in an above-ground vault. Another option, which his becoming more and more popular, is to scatter the ashes in accordance to the wishes of your loved one. Some popular areas are in the ocean, at a golf course, or on a favorite hiking trail.

Trying to make these decisions on your own can be difficult, especially during an emotional time such as this. Having the guidance of a professional is something you will welcome as you try to navigate these rough waters.

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