How Injury Lawyers in Cecil County will Help You

by | May 3, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Personal injury is one of the most common grounds for suing someone. For instance, you can sue the driver after a road accident if it has been determined that it was negligence on his part. There are other instances when you might need the help of injury lawyers in Cecil County. For example, when one slips and falls on the floor in the working place, he can sue the employer to get compensation. Injuries sustained in building sites are also qualified for compensation.

What to sue for?

Wrongful death

This occurs especially in a hospital setting. If one dies because of the doctor’s negligence, then their next of kin may sue for compensation. They will need plenty of evidence to do this. A good attorney will help in collecting evidence and of course file the case in the court of law. This will help them get compensation for the death. They will also be compensated if the deceased was their sole provider.

Loss of income

This occurs when you have injuries that stop you from working. Broken limbs and wounds that take long to heal can lead to loss of income. You can sue your employer to be compensated for the salary you will lose by staying out of work due to injuries. However the injury must have occurred in the workplace, and if so, you can claim compensation for all the time you were out recovering.

Pain and suffering

One can sue their doctor or employer for all their suffering that they went through due to their negligence. This also applies to injuries that one may have sustained while working in a construction site. This kind of compensation is not limited; this can run into millions of dollars based on the type of injury. However, it is not guaranteed that the judge will grant this kind of compensation separately. It might be covered in damages as well as income compensation.


In some cases, you can only be compensated for damages only. For Example, when the plaintiff is responsible for the accident they will not get much in compensation. This is especially true if they sustained injuries due to their negligence of some rules.

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