How to choose the right Volleyball Uniforms

If you are starting up a volleyball team or even starting to play the game a little more seriously you will need to find volleyball uniforms. Choosing the best volleyball uniform is not necessarily difficult but there are some things you should consider before ordering.

Type of Volleyball

First consider what type of volleyball you will be playing. You want to be sure you are wearing uniforms that will be warm enough or cool enough depending on where you play. Obviously beach wear will require short sleeve or sleeveless shirts and many women prefer to wear a sports bikini style shirt. Shorts have to fit properly so they will stay in place while you are playing. Indoor volleyball can be a little tricky in that you may be playing in different locations with different temperatures. You can consider buying jerseys as well as t-shirts so people have a choice based on where the game is played.


If you want to have something that will breathe well, look good and last than the brand will also play a role when making your selection. Some of the most popular brands are popular for a reason: they are of far better quality and designed with volleyball in mind. Some of the best brands to consider include:

* Augusta
* Badger
* Adidas
* Asics
* Mizuno
* Under Armour


If you are buying volleyball uniforms for yourself it will be easy to choose the style you prefer. Some can be quite fashionable such as Asics and Mizuno has a very wide assortment of colors available. Consider fit above all else as something that looks good on a hanger or online might not feel as good. Move around and make sure you have good range of motion and that shorts are not riding too high or too low as you stretch.


Many women prefer the spandex style of short as they are a little tighter fitting and flattering. However shorts are also available in a more traditional loose style that is reminiscent of a standard basketball short that falls just above the knee.
Comfort must always be at the top of your list so your uniform keeps you playing at the top of your game.

If you are looking for Volleyball uniforms Real Volleyball has a wide assortment in both men’s and women’s styles and sizes.

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