How to Select Great Food for Wedding Banquets in Fort Wayne, IN

Everyone loves a great reception after a wedding ceremony. It’s customary to serve both food and drinks at Wedding Banquets in Fort Wayne IN. Selecting the right food is a must for any newly married couple that wants a reception all of the guests can enjoy.

Consider the Time

Weddings are held at various times of the day, from mid-morning until evening. When selecting the perfect menu, the time of the reception must be taken into consideration. For example, an early reception shouldn’t serve the same full course meal as a later event.

It’s traditional to serve hor d’oeuvres or a light meal at receptions held in the early afternoon. Consider opting for finger sandwiches or fresh fruit trays. If something more substantial is desired, a sampling of appetizers is always a hit.

If the reception is scheduled for later in the evening, a heavier meal is appropriate. Guests at this hour appreciate a full meal including an appetizer and main course. While wedding cake is always the main dessert, other small sweet treats can also be served.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

Many wedding guests have some sort of dietary restrictions. While it’s not necessary to meet the dietary needs of every guest, it is considered a thoughtful gesture. If a guest has a restriction, be sure to contact Catering Company to see if they can offer a reasonable solution.

If there are guests who avoid gluten, look for options that will please everyone. Main dish recipes, such as chicken and steak, can often be easily adjusted to remove gluten. If this isn’t an option, consider serving vegetable platters or appetizers that are gluten-free.

More and more people are going vegetarian or vegan. While creating a main course that is meat-free is not always a feasible option, serving a couple small side dishes that do not contain meat will be a hit with everyone. Ask a caterer for a few affordable recommendations.

After getting married, the reception is the perfect time for all of the guests to celebrate the new union. When planning Wedding Banquets in Fort Wayne IN, it’s best to take a few things into consideration when choosing a menu. Making sure there is something for everyone to eat will make the party enjoyable for all guests in attendance.

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