It Is Nice To Have A Deck At Your Home In Wilkes-Barre, PA, But, How To Keep It Clean?

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Whether you have a wood deck that you use as an outdoor hangout area or a stone or ceramic tile covered deck around your poolside, such outdoor areas can lose their appeal through a build up of dirt, grime, mosses, algae and molds. Additionally, a build up of moss, etc can cause an area to become slippery underfoot which can be dangerous – especially for bare, wet feet around the poolside.

Get Down On Your Hands And Knees And Scrub

Elbow grease and sheer willpower can accomplish a cleanup and restore job but, for a deck of any reasonable size, it is going to be very long winded and hard work. In today’s modern world, surely we have tools, gadgets and wonder cleaning fluids to take the hard out of work? And indeed, we do have those, but, you still have to have the initiative and spare time to get started on the cleanup.

The wonder fluids are basically detergent type chemical mixes that are intended to loosen the grip of dirt and grime on surfaces, they still require to be rubbed in and, on their own, they won’t make the job all that much easier to carry out. They can help but, what you really need is more power to your elbow.

Power Washers

Outdoor cleaning is pretty heavy duty and those steamers and rotary gizmos that you see on the shopping channel may be fine for your bathroom but are unlikely to be man enough for deck cleaning in Wilkes Barre, PA. For such exterior cleaning, what you really need is some sort of pressurized, power washer.

With power washing, water is pumped up to high pressure and then released through a spray nozzle to “attack” the dirt and grime (almost like a police water cannon “dealing” with rioters). A junior model may operate at around 1,000 psi. Heavy duty commercial washers can go to 4,000 psi. For deck cleaning around 2,400 psi should be sufficient. The use of detergents with these machines is optional depending on the nature of what it is that you are cleaning up.

Rent, Purchases Or Contract The Work To A Specialist

Power washers are not ridiculously expensive. Prices can range from around the $100 mark, for a smaller machine, up to $1,000 or above for the more versatile higher pressure models. But, how often will you actually use it and how efficient will you become in its use?

Rental is not all that common and may be hard to find. Should you opt to contract out your deck cleaning in Wilkes Barre, PA, not only will the operators be well experienced in all sorts of cleaning requirements but, they will also be equipped with the correct washers and chemicals for the jobs in hand.

If you value your time and know that you are in need of deck cleaning for Wilkes Barre, PA, you really should contact Baylor’s Pressure Washing over in Bloomsburg. They cover the whole of Central and Northeast Pennsylvania and have the manpower and equipment to take on any job. Click here to know more.

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