Trying to Turn out Homemade CA Edibles and Answer Potency Questions?

Feb 25, 21 Trying to Turn out Homemade CA Edibles and Answer Potency Questions?

Opening and operating a homemade marijuana edibles bakery in California is a great idea, but there’s always a big problem with trying to figure out the potency in your edibles. Consumers always want to know how many grams of oil or product you have used to create your treats, and unfortunately, there’s no perfect way to answer that question. However, there is a way you can test the potency of your ingredients before you mix and bake or cook. A test cannabis kit can help.

It’s Even a Smart Test Kit

The latest test cannabis kit is also a “smart” test kit. The results of what the test has measured are displayed on your smartphone. It lets you know and record the potency of your special ingredients every time you reach for a new bottle of oil, new bud, or new butter or infusion. You can track how often a specific brand of cannabis product is consistent in its potency, which will allow you to accurately measure the potency in the edibles you make.

Personalize Potency

If you supply medical cannabis edibles, then you definitely need a test kit. Your customers that consume cannabis for medical purposes need to know that the amount and potency they are consuming is within the prescribed dosage they need. Test kits help you make edibles that are exactly the right potency and dose for these customers. For more information, check out Tcheck at to see how this test kit can really benefit your edibles business.

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