ProSeries LED Luminaire is an energy-efficient “wet-location”, sustainable and cost-effective alternative utility lighting solution for indoor environments where ingress protection from dust and moisture is highly desirable. Providing more than 50,000 hours of lumen output compared to 8,000 hours for a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and 1,000 hours for an incandescent lamp, this luminaire provides huge energy savings, eliminates service maintenance and the ongoing replacement costs of incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps. In addition, rebates from local electric utilities make the total ownership cost of the ProSeries LED Luminaire the lowest-cost utility lighting solution.

Providing more than 1,000 lumens through a 14-watt LED engine, the ProSeries LED Luminaire features an 18-cubic inch Polybutylene Terephthalate junction box that is resistant to solvents, mechanically strong, heat-resistant up to 150oC and non-combustible. The junction box’s eight mounting brackets are in line with the ½-inch and ¾-inch trade-size knockouts to expedite installation by eliminating the need for an additional 2×4-inch stub-in. In addition to the junction box, the fixture includes a Silicone gasket that seals out moisture and dust, a Polycarbonate globe that protects the LED lamp and ensures even light distribution, and an LED light engine and heat sink.

ETL-listed for wet locations and ceiling or wall mounting, it is ideal for commercial and industrial facilities, walk-in refrigerators, service/maintenance tunnels, corridors, bridges, temporary walkways, agricultural buildings, and animal confinement areas

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