Sealcoat Experts in Madison, WI Emphasize the Importance of Sealing Asphalt

Jul 11, 19 Sealcoat Experts in Madison, WI Emphasize the Importance of Sealing Asphalt

If you want to maintain a better paved surface, it is important to sealcoat the asphalt to ensure longevity. When asphalt is used to pave a driveway or parking lot, it offers a low level of resistance to UV radiation or the effects of sunlight. Exposure the UV light leads to oxidation, which reduces a pavement’s plasticity. When this happens, the resulting oxidation increases cracking from expansion and contraction and accelerates surface raveling.

Therefore, sealcoat experts in Madison, WI state that sealcoating addresses the above issues. Assuming that an asphalt pavement is applied correctly, sealcoating works. That is because any sealer is only as effective as the pavement to which it is added. The coating will not prevent cracking if the asphalt features poor compaction or excessive vids. The asphalt pavement, even when it is installed properly, deteriorates when exposed to the sun and air.

Apply the Sealcoat Before Oxidation Takes Hold

In turn, sealcoat experts make sure that sealcoating is applied before oxidation starts to take hold. They add that an asphalt pavement, when new, is made up of oils, which need to oxidize out or leave first. This part of the curing process strengthens the pavement. However, if too many oils oxidize out, the asphalt becomes more vulnerable to cracking.

Sealcoat experts emphasize that sealcoating provides protection for asphalt as it slows oxidation and fills the hairline cracks that can ultimately become channels for water. It also supplants some of the fines lost because of erosion and oxidation, thereby filling hairline cracks.

Maintain Your Pavement and Increase Your Property’s Curb Appeal

While sealcoating is needed, there is only so much that it can do. Therefore, any damages need to be repaired or removed before a sealer is applied. Large cracks, too, need to be filled as a liquid sealcoat is not designed to fill cracks but to prevent their formation. To improve the looks of your asphalt, have it sealcoated every one or two years. You can learn more about this important process when you click here. Always follow up any asphalt installation with sealcoating to keep your pavement in better shape.

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