The Benefits of Automated Meter Reading

In today’s fast paced world, nearly all industries have profited from advanced technology. The water utility industry is no exception. Water is such a precious resource for everyone everywhere and yet it has always been wasted. The benefits of automated meter reading have been phenomenal, including monitoring the waste of water. A good water management company will supply this service, among others, for you.

What Is It?

Before you can understand what the benefits of automated meter reading are, you must first understand what it is. It begins with a meter which is a device designed to collect data from water flow. This data is used for the purposes of monitoring, billing and solving problems. Since it is an automatic system, it is no longer solely dependent on human beings to monitor the everyday processes of water utility management.

No Estimates

One of the greatest benefits to having automated meter reading is that there are no more estimated charges. In the past, bills were based on educated guesses instead of exact numbers. The actual water consumption was vague and, therefore, hard to pinpoint. This often kept the prices unnecessarily high. With the advancement of technology, meters are able to give you the type of precision you need. This kind of solution keeps companies and their customers satisfied.


The automated meter reading can also help to detect problems sooner. In the case of a water leak, receiving an accurate reading will help you to recognize the increase in water flow. Since the water flow is being monitored on its own, you will have a series of numbers to compare without waiting for a technician to notice an issue. If there is an underground leakage problem due to broken or badly corroded pipes, the error should be discovered sooner rather than later. This is one of those cases when it really pays to have a reputable water management company.

Lower Cost

This process of automated meter reading decreases the cost to the utility company since they will not have to send a technician out to do readings or estimates. The entire process is managed with technology, which saves on the cost of intense human involvement. Cost is also decreased as a result of overall increased efficiency.

So if you want to know the benefits to implementing automated meter reading, you don’t have to look very hard. With the ability to affect lower costs, offer customer’s better billing, and maintain a more efficient, well-run system, the answers are obvious. Being able to calculate and secure our water flow in a simplified manner is truly a plus. And a top notch ABT water management company should be able to deliver without a hitch.

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