The Laws Applying To Car Insurance In Mundelein, IL

Mar 31, 15 The Laws Applying To Car Insurance In Mundelein, IL

Illinois drivers are required to follow the mandatory car insurance requirements. Since Illinois is a fault state, they require that drivers purchase both liability and uninsured motorist policies. The combination of coverage protects the drivers against litigation for personal injuries and property damage. It also helps them to cover their own expenses if the other party lacks insurance coverage and is involved in an accident.

What are the State Minimum Coverage Levels?

Policies for liability Car Insurance in Mundelein IL equate to $25,000 for each injury with a maximum coverage limit of $50,000. These policies must offer at least $20,000 for any property damage sustained in an accident. What drivers should realize is that liability coverage won’t offer funds for their own expenditures. If they are injured, they must file a claim against the other driver.

The minimum for uninsured motorist insurance is $25,000 for each injury and the same maximum of $50,000. These policies are designed to cover the cost of medical expenses only. Property damage coverage isn’t included in the policy. This is why liability insurance is a mandatory Car Insurance in Mundelein IL.

How Your Car Insurance is Monitored

Motorists could incur penalties and fees if they don’t maintain their car insurance. Long gone are the days when it required a traffic stop to determine if drivers aren’t compliant with the law. Today, the Department of Motor Vehicles monitors insurance coverage through their information systems. They submit a query to determine if any insurance policies have lapsed.

All registered owners receive a notification from the DMV at any time their policy is no longer valid. They are required to submit new evidence for proof of Car Insurance in Mundelein IL coverage. A failure to comply with this request could revoke their vehicle registration and present them with a fine. The base fine for no insurance is $200.

All drivers must provide proof of insurance coverage when registering for or renewing a vehicle tag. The process has been simplified in some counties to allow drivers to register through their insurance carriers. Drivers who haven’t purchased Car Insurance should contact their preferred carrier today.

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