The Types of Child Custody for Divorcing Parents In Illinois

A South Elgin child custody attorney will ensure that their clients have a clear understanding of the many types of child custody in the state of Illinois. Each form of custody impacts the parents, and the children will be put into differing living situations depending on what the court decides. Lawyers advise their clients of the pitfalls of each type of custody, and parents must understand the agreement they are signing before they consent.

Physical Custody

Physical custody is awarded when the child lives full-time with one parent, and the non-custodial parent is given visitation. This sort of arrangement may be difficult if the parents do not live near one another, and the custody may become joint if both parents are allowed equal custody of the child.

Legal Custody

Legal custody gives the right to make all major decisions for the child from healthcare to schooling to one parent. This form of custody may be split in mediation with a South Elgin child custody attorney, but the parents must have a good working relationship. Conflicts may arise often if the parents are not willing to compromise.

Joint Custody

Joint custody occurs when both parents are awarded a portion of custody of their child. They may have joint legal or joint physical custody, and the court will determine what percentage of custody each parent has. These arrangements are helpful in that the child sees both parents often, but the parents must be willing to communicate for the good of their child.

Sole Custody

Sole custody occurs when one parent is given complete custody of their child including the right to make decisions for the child. They are not asked to consult their ex, and this situation is often enforced when one parent is deemed unfit. A South Elgin child custody attorney will ask for the sort of custody that they believe suits their client best.

Casement Group P.C. is a family law firm located in Elgin, IL that will help parents come to a custody agreement that helps the child or children grow up in the best environment possible. They understand the custody laws and designations in Illinois quite well.

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