When to Call for Pest Control in Spokane

Nov 30, 17 When to Call for Pest Control in Spokane

While property owners in the Pacific Northwest are generally spared from the worst of garden pests such as tomato hornworms and squash vine borers, they aren’t immune to outdoor pests more generally. Failing to take action when these pests begin to take up residence in a yard can lead to a full-blown infestation. Property owners should thus keep an eye out for the following pests and call for Pest Control in Spokane as soon as they notice signs of an infestation.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are a type of wasp that is often mistaken for bees, but their stings are much more painful. They live in ground colonies and can often be found scavenging meat, fish, and sugary substances from trash bins, making them a dangerous nuisance to property owners who find them on their grounds. Given that yellow jacket stings can elicit a serious allergic response in some individuals, it’s essential to call a pest control specialist as soon as these insects begin to appear.

Lawn Insects

There are a variety of insects that can cause damage to lawns if they are not kept under control, including chinch bugs, European crane flies, and Japanese beetles. What they all have in common is that they can quickly overtake the lawn, destroying carefully planned landscaping and leaving bald spots in their wake. Signs of lawn pest infestations include grass that looks brown and patchy despite having enough water and leaves that look like they have been chewed on.

Dangerous Spiders

While some spiders can be beneficial to their environments, keeping populations of otherwise damaging insects under control, others can be dangerous to the health and safety of residents. The black widow is one of the best known of the poisonous spiders in the area and can be identified by the hourglass-shaped red mark on the underside of its abdomen. Any property owner who has noticed that black widows have begun to take up residence on their property should call for Pest Control in Spokane immediately, as these spiders can cause significant harm to human health and well-being.

Get Help Today

These are only a few of the most common and dangerous pests that can be found in the Pacific Northwest. Any property owner who notices that these or other insects have begun to infest the property should call a professional for help immediately. Contact Spokane Pro Care for more information on how to get started.

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