Things that Go Into Evaluating Your Jewelry When It is Time to Sell the Jewelry in Marietta

Sometimes, jewelry is an investment. Unlike stocks or bonds, jewelry is a physical investment that one can touch and feel. But like all investments, there are times when it needs to be cashed in to provide capital. Thus, it is important to understand the things that differentiate valuable jewelry from costume jewelry. While you might still get something for costume jewelry, your bigger capital is going to come from more valuable pieces.

One of the biggest differences is the quality of the stones. When you go to sell jewelry in Marietta, the stones are evaluated. There are ways to tell the difference between a fake stone and a real stone. For example, a real diamond can cut glass. There are other tests that can be done including an intensive look at the stone itself. The size of the stone will also contribute to the evaluation. The value increases with the size of the stone and the authenticity of the stone.

Another more subtle difference between the costumed version and the valuable version is with the metal used in the setting and in the chain or ring. Gold and platinum are the most valuable metals because they are currently the most popular. Silver and stainless steel have a little lesser value. The amount of the metal is also going to help determine a value.

There is one other thing that plays into the value when you go to sell jewelry in Marietta is the style. Like pieces of clothing and shoes, jewelry trends go in and out of style. Some of the things that go into determining the style are the look of the piece, the cuts of the stone and the current trends. The age of the piece may be considered if the piece of jewelry is antique.

Jewelry varies on its value. If you are intending on selling it, you should contact happy hoxker jewelry & loan for an evaluation of your jewelry. Sometimes, you need to cash in on your investment. Understanding what features make jewelry valuable is a part of this evaluation so that you know which pieces you need to sale for the capital you need.

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