Use a Full-Service Roofing Contractor in Leawood, KS to Fix All of the Problems Related to Roof Leaks

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Roofing

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The exterior of a house has many components, but these have some surprisingly similar attributes from a contractor’s standpoint. Therefore, it’s common for one company to handle many, if not all, construction aspects of a residential exterior. A roofing contractor Leawood KS, for example, may also install windows and siding. This is one of the reasons a contractor is better than a single-service professional.

Why it it Always Better to Use a Multi-Discipline Contractor?

Single-service professionals will often refuse to touch even one thing that’s outside of their designated area. This is quite frustrating if you’re a homeowner that sees a problem two inches away. A leak in a roof, for example, will often cause damage not only to the roof itself, but to parts of the house a few inches down from it. The fascia boards, soffits, and the top strip of siding are often affected. When the roofers are already up there, it makes sense to ask them to pop on some new boards to fix this damage. A single-discipline roofer, unfortunately, will tell you that you’ll have to hire a carpenter. In some areas, this is because strict licensing requirements legally limit them to the actual roof. Those in other areas, however, often just want to do their one job and be on their way. Either way, it ends with a frustrating experience and plenty of “little things” that still need to be fixed.

A multi-discipline roofing contractor in Leawood KS, such as All States Exteriors, can easily step one rung down the ladder and take care of these peripheral issues. They are able to provide these extra services because they have the licenses and skills needed to handle all of the required work. Proper full-service contractors realize that customers are not going to be impressed by the “it’s not on the roof” argument if they see that a board on the side of the house just under it has rotted out.

If you have a roofing project that will require more than installing new shingles, find a contractor that can fix all of the damage – even if it involves the side of the house as well as the roof.

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