Welcoming and Fun, Destin Pontoon Rentals Become Increasingly Popular

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Water Sports

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A jewel of Florida’s Emerald Coast if there ever was one, Destin attracts more visitors with every passing year. The whiteness and purity of the area’s beaches wow vacationers and draw them in, but is likely the uniquely green water of the area that keeps them coming back. In addition to offering world-class fishing and water-based activities, the Destin area is also one of the finest in the state for those who are just looking to take it easy and relax.

There is probably no better way of doing that than spending a day aboard a pontoon boat. Destin Pontoon Rentals have been a mainstay of the area for many years, and more of those who vacation in the region are discovering just how satisfying that form of watercraft can be.
Unlike most boats of their size, which tend to sacrifice stability and interior room for agility and speed, Destin Pontoon Rentals focus solely on ensuring that their passengers are as comfortable as possible. Little more than floating platforms, pontoon boats maximize the space available for a given size of boat, ensuring that those aboard them can stretch out and move around in whatever ways they might want.

Because of this, local rental providers like Xtreme H20 have discovered that boats of this kind are increasingly popular with their customers. Despite that fact, pontoon boats remain impressively affordable for visitors, partly because the relatively basic nature of their construction means that they are fairly inexpensive for area businesses to purchase for rental purposes. Locals and visitors alike, then, can expect boats of this kind to become even more common on the beautiful waters near Destin, for a number of very good reasons.

This makes them perfect for visitors who are looking to make the most of their vacations by emphasizing relaxation. Even a twenty-foot pontoon can accommodate a whole family and some guests in comfort, and these are often equipped with furnishings that rival home-bound couches and loungers with how welcoming they are. Because of their great stability and the freedom of movement they afford, pontoon boats can also easily be equipped with accessories like grills and televisions that make relaxing on the water even easier and more satisfying.
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