What’s The Big Deal About Medical Sharps Disposal?

Quite a number of us feel that we are being over regulated and losing our freedom of choice to satisfy the whims of “goody-goody” people whose sole desire is to protect us from ourselves. However, should we rein in our emotions and stop to think more carefully and rationally; we will have to admit that, in many cases, the do-gooders might; not only have the best of intentions; but, do also have a point.

In a way, we have bought ourselves to this situation; the USA will always be geographically large; but our population has grown and very few of us now spend our lives in isolation in the wilderness and away from society. We group our homes together in towns and cities and are in constant contact and proximity with other people – particularly at work; but, also at leisure and when shopping. Many of us also travel in crowds on public transport; even on an aeroplane we are in close proximity with others. To protect the masses; our days of opting to be “rugged individualists”; doing whatever we want; are long gone and the welfare of others has become our concern.

Biohazardous Medical Waste

This has become an area of major concern (in relation to the argument above) and it is not only of concern for large hospitals and the like. Small medical practices; dental clinics; even workplaces (and sometimes our homes) can generate such wastes – albeit in smaller volume than a hospital.

Many companies have a nurse and small emergency clinic on their premises and may well have to make injections or change dressings from time to time; unfortunately, diabetes is not an unusual disease and many sufferers have to give themselves daily injections. There are many examples where a small number of waste needles, scissors or even scalpels could be found. These items are known as medical sharps and any one of them could be contaminated with blood-borne pathogens which might spread diseases such as hepatitis or HIV; this means that due care and attention must be given to even Small Scale Medical Sharps Disposal. While a hospital with thousands to dispose of makes contract arrangements; the small scale Medical Sharps Disposal requires a different approach if it is to be safely accomplished; but, it is the duty of anyone, generating this waste, to find the correct way to dispose of it.

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