Why Grief Counseling in Modesto Belongs in Addiction Treatment

Jul 11, 19 Why Grief Counseling in Modesto Belongs in Addiction Treatment

Grief is almost always the result of loss. It might be the loss of a parent, a marriage or a lifestyle. Somewhere in the heart of grief, however, is the loss of something very important to the individual. Addiction itself is also a condition that causes so much loss. When someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, they lose jobs, residences, money, marriages and sometimes even friends who die of addiction. Since addiction is a disease that causes so much loss, grief counseling in Modesto will be of great help to addicts and their families.

What is Grief Counseling?

When an addict enters recovery, family members tend to see everything he or she will gain: sobriety, a clearer mind, old friendships and renewed hope. What families don’t understand, however, is that when an addict or alcoholic gives up drinking or alcohol, they often actually grieve over the loss of that lifestyle and drug. After all, for awhile it made them feel great and brought them into contact with people they liked. Grief counseling in Modesto is a way for addicts to come to terms with what they’re gaining in recovery, too.

How Grief Counseling Helps Addicts

Addicts are often encouraged to give up alcohol and old “places” where they drank or used. They’re sometimes encouraged to give up friendships that focused solely around drugs or alcohol. A grief counselor can help them work through the anger and grief of giving up those old associations.

How Grief Counseling Helps Families

Families in grief counseling also learn to come to terms with what the loved one’s addiction took from them or robbed them of. It’s an uphill battle, but it’s rewarding.

If you feel like grief counseling in Modesto is something you can benefit from, contact Counseling By Hartman at https://www.cbhinterventions.net. We can help.

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