Teaching Your Children Gun Safety in Sheperdsville, KY

Dec 17, 13 Teaching Your Children Gun Safety in Sheperdsville, KY

Fill in the blanks: The right to _____ and bear _____. If you have no problem filling in the blanks, chances are your family is one that proudly owns guns. You may be a hunter, or maybe just a gun enthusiast. Either way, gun safety is important – something you agree wholeheartedly with, along with the importance of teaching your kids how to safely handle weapons. But in a world that is increasingly anti-gun, where do you go to teach your kids Gun Safety in Sheperdsville, KY in a family friendly environment?

There are a few different options. If you have plenty of knowledge and experience with guns, you can begin teaching your children on your own, right on your own land (or on friend’s land or public land). In the beginning, all you really need is your experience, a small caliber weapon, ear and eye protection, and something to shoot at (an old soda can works just fine).

As your kids get older and start gaining more shooting experience, you’ll probably want to start letting them shooter higher caliber guns, which will mean increasing the lessons in Gun Safety in Sheperdsville KY. You can still do this on your own, but to make the lessons more powerful, you’ll also want to surround them with other adults who are responsible, safe gun owners, even more than just your own family and friends. This is where gun ranges come into the picture.

There are a few family friendly gun ranges that focus on Gun Safety in Sheperdsville, KY, but to find the best one for your family, may need to look outside Sheperdville. West Point, for example, has a gun range called Knob Creek that focuses on being family friendly. Pro gun since 1963, this range offers a family friendly atmosphere that includes things like:

      *     Hunter Education Classes

      *    Concealed Carry Classes

      *    Affordable Range Fees

      *    Family Memberships

      *    Safe, Supervised Shooting Environment

      *    Knowledgeable Staff

      *    Gun Rentals

This particular range even offers a snack bar and range pets. It’s a great example of the type of gun range to look for when you’re ready to start teaching your kids about Gun Safety in Sheperdsville, KY.


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